We first came accross these guys a couple of years back when band leader and ex member of SOS favourites Youngblood Brass Band Jerome Harper moved over to the UK, bringing his Trombone and a bucketload of ambition with him.

Since then, the band has been going from strength to strength, rocking countless festivals and parties all over the place, not to mention being the house band on the final Big Brother show.

If you haven’t had the chance to see them yet, I seriously recommend you get yourself down to one of their gigs (go to for more info), or failing that grab yourself a copy of their fantastic ‘Good Life EP’ which is out now and on heavy rotation on the Square One stereo.  The 3 track Ep features top notch brass reworkings of Inner City’s ‘Good Life’, the White Stripe’s ‘Seven nation army’ and Radiohead’s ‘Karma Police’ and is guaranteed to get rumps shaking in even the most conservative of knees ups!

Grab the EP on itunes here: Brassroots ‘Good Life EP’

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